Fall Hutch

We don’t have a fireplace or mantle (boo!) so I decorated our hutch for Fall.
Can I just say how difficult it is to decorate with a toddler in the house! If he gets up on his tippy toes and reaches he can get his cute little hands on a lot of no-no’s.

I really wanted to just stuff the middle shelf with as many of those Sweater Pumpkins as I could but it was way to crowded. They are just so darn cute though. What do you think, too many?
The plate, tray, and candle stick from the top are from a long time ago when I was a consultant for Southern Living At Home (called something else now.)  I thought the colors on them were perfect for fall and they matched the sweater pumpkins so well. The 3 little ceramic pumpkins down front were a great find at the Dollar Tree!
 I made the “Fall” banner at my Craft Party from the tops of brown paper sacks and paper doilies. I’m happy with the final look for now. I have more project ideas in mind just not so much time to do it all.
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