Monster Marshmallow Pops

It’s been hard but I have held back on doing anything Halloween related until today. Happy October!!! I have the perfect thing to kick of this great holiday!

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Monster Marshmallow Pops

These turned out so cute and fun to make. Once I started making them the kids “helped” and by helped I mean hovered nearby to eat candy or any mistakes while giving suggestions for monster creations.

To make these you will need:

Marshmallows (duh)

Candy melts (I used pink, lime green, and dark blue)

candy sticks

candy such as candy corn and facial pieces

edible eyes

wax paper

To start cover a work area with wax paper then open everything and have everything ready. I melt only a small handful of candy melts at a time in a small glass bowl in the mircrowave (double broiler method works too). I nuke for 30 sec, stir then nuke again in 15 second intervals until completely melted.

I found it easier to have the stick in the marshmallow first, and I preferred these monsters to have sticks coming out of the top of their heads. Of course they could be made the other way. So insert your stick then dip, spoon the color of your choice  onto your marshmallow then sit on the wax paper. I allowed a little bit of dry/set time before adding the eyes or facial features so they didn’t slide. Or you can add the facial features after the dipped marshmallow has completely dried with just a tiny bit of the melted candy.

We tried to be creative. Meet the hair club for Monster pops. We spread melted candy using a knife for some hair-dos, and some were created with drizzling the melted candy on the top.

And the horny Monster gang with candy corn horns.

And my favorite the spikey monster. To get these spikes I dipped a toothpick into the melted candy, poked into the pop and pulled straight out, for each spike. This monster took the longest to make.

Turns out  these Monster Marshmallow Pops are good monster food, at least my little (and big) monsters thought so.

Wouldn’t these be perfect for a monster themed birthday party? Hmm, no birthdays any time soon here but I can start planning early right? haha

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