Book Page Pumpkins

Slowing things are coming out and the house is being decorated for Halloween.  As I was going through the totes full of all of our Halloween décor I found these old light-up pumpkins. We’ve had them for years, in fact we usually use them for our Scare Man on our porch. These pumpkins are falling apart, the wiring must be bad because I can’t get the lights to come (yes, I changed the bulb) and now the lighting section won’t stay connected to the pumpkin.  You know me I don’t like to throw things away so I decided to update the pumpkins. They are now Book Page Pumpkins.

With an old book and Mod Podge the project was easy (and messy). I did the taller pumpkin (on the right) first. For this pumpkin I had no plan. I just started tearing pages, cover the piece in Mod Podge and then placed each piece on the pumpkin overlapping so there was no orange showing. Then once dry I applied a few more coats of Mod Podge to seal it.

For the second pumpkin I decided to do it a bit different. I started at the bottom this time. I applied the Mod Podge to the pumpkin in an area just slightly larger than the piece of paper to be applied. Then I just continued around working my way to the top. Honestly I can’t tell a difference in the finished products. Can you?

Like I said I’m still getting out our Halloween décor but I thought this Autumn Blessing Sign and the Sweater Pumpkins work well with my new Book Page Pumpkins too.

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