Cherry Cola Jello

I have always enjoyed cherry flavoring added to a good soda like Coca-Cola. So when I was challenged to make a recipe with Coca-Cola, it had to be with cherry. This Cherry Cola Jello is just as delicious!

Cherry Cola Jello

The red from the cherry jello looks just like peppermint candies so it makes the perfect way to decorate.

To make this recipe I headed to Sam’s Club. There I picked up 24 pack Coke de Mexico Coca-Cola, Cherry Jello, whipped topping and peppermint candies.

To make Cherry Cola Jello you need cherry flavored Jello and Coca-Cola of course.

Make the Jello as directed on the box except substitute cold Coca-Cola in place of cold water. I used 2 boxes of Cherry Jello and almost 2 bottles of Coca-Cola.

After the Jello is set then put whipped topping like Cool Whip into a plastic bag and pipe it into small jars in fat stripes, like on the candies.

Then fill the jars with the Cherry Cola Jello.

For peppermint festivities, glue peppermint candies onto ribbon and tie to the top of the glass like a mason jar. Because the perfect beverage to go with Cherry Cola Jello is Coca-Cola! You can serve from these fun glass bottles or pick up the great deal on Coca-Cola products like these, $3.98 4 pack of 2 liters at Sam’s Club.

Now if you’ve done your math you have 22 bottles left over after making the Cherry Cola Jello. So print the above tag in wallet size/9 to a sheet.

Then as before glue peppermints to ribbon, add the tag and tie to the bottle’s neck.

Add a straw and you have a fun gift to brighten your friend or neighbor’s day, er, Cola-day!

With a 24 Pack Coke de Mexico Coca-Cola you’ll have plenty to give to family, friends, and neighbors with plenty for yourself too.  Who will you be wishing a Merry Cola-days to?

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